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We really are spoiled for choice when it comes to tiling options in 2020.

While the basic, white square tiles are very much still widely used, there are also plenty of other options available including modern tiles that really make a space look unique and incredible. There are many different colours and patterns available now for those looking to stray from traditional, flat colours.

You can transform your kitchen, bathroom or other tiled space into an eye-catching area that will become one of the feature rooms of your home or business.


Customised solutions

Not every tiled space is the same with each requiring different materials and tiling techniques. A home bathroom may only have light foot traffic, but a shared bathroom in a major complex or shopping centre is going to endure a lot more use.

All of our tiling solutions will factor in the use of the space and you will get customised solutions with every job we do.



Any water leakage in your bathroom or kitchen can lead to major structural damage if left unchecked. It is a requirement to have these spaces properly waterproofed and it is an essential part of any new build or renovation.

Proper, effective waterproofing that will last well into the future is part of every service and we are also available to maintenance and repair wor


Swimming pools

Tiling solutions are a great way to make your swimming pool space look fantastic, with options for the inside walls and also the exterior.

These require a different approach to indoor tiling solutions and our team will ensure there are no leakages or tiles falling off.

Areas We Serve

Speak to our team about the different options available so you can have a personalised appearance for your swimming space.

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