Kitchen renovations

The kitchen is more than just a simple place to prepare food. It’s also a space for entertaining; a place to impress and a room where you can enjoy the company of friends and family over creature comforts and gourmet foods

There are many different types and styles of kitchens today with a range of modern features and designs to wow your guests.

BK Tiling can help you create a space that is fully customised for you, meeting your vision and the unique features you want to include. We can also assist with brand-new kitchen builds, renovations or total rebuilds of your existing space and we are also available for large scale commercial solutions as well.



Splashback tiling

A tiled splashback is a perfect way to make cleaning simple, with a range of options that will easily wipe clean and resist stains and the build-up of grease.

This also opens up opportunities for gorgeous designs and patterns to really give your kitchen a look that reflects your personality


Floor tiling

The use of tiles on your kitchen floors is another great way to help keep the space clean and easily wipe up any spills along the way.

As well as this, BK Tiling will ensure proper waterproofing is included beneath the surface to prevent damage to your home. And with more and more homes going for the open-plan look in the modern-day, tiled floors help create a distinct separation between kitchen and living spaces.


Wall tiles

This is where your imagination can really take over. There are so many different colours, textures and patterns available across a range of different tiling materials to choose from.

BK Tiling has access to an extensive range of suppliers with everything from elegant simplicity through to distinctive designs available to complete your kitchen space.