Why You Must Only Use Bathroom Tiles For The Bathroom

Bathroom Tiles

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Home remodels and revamps are exciting and fun. You get a chance to upgrade your living space in accordance with the latest trends. When you’re getting new flooring installed in your house, you might feel tempted to use the same tiles for your bathroom as well. In your opinion, it might offer homogeneity throughout the place and help you save money on purchasing new tiles for your bathroom. 

As tempting as it may sound, it is not a good idea. You must always use bathroom tiles for your bathroom. There is a reason why bathroom-specific tiles are called bathroom tiles. While using the same tiles as the rest of your house might help you save some money, this practice is highly discouraged.

Let’s have a look at several reasons why you must only use bathroom tiles for your bathroom.

1.     Anti-Slip Properties

The tiles in your bathroom should have excellent anti-slip properties. Bathrooms are usually wet from showers and water spills, which increases the risk of slipping. Slipping in the bathroom can be extremely dangerous, considering the numerous fittings on the walls, all close to one another, that can result in serious injuries.

The tiles used in the rest of your house need not have as much anti-slip character as your bathroom tiles. Many people prefer adding rugs to their living spaces. Above all, the floors of your house are rarely as wet as that of your bathroom. The chances of anyone slipping in the living room are quite slim as compared to the slip hazard in the bathrooms. This is one of the main reasons why you must only use bathroom tiles in your bathroom.

2.     Lower PEI Rating

The traffic that your bathroom receives differs from your kitchen or living room. The living area and the kitchen are the most-used areas of the house, whereas a person uses the bathroom 3 to 4 times a day. The bathroom floor is recipient to relatively lesser traffic. Moreover, it is common for people to roam around their houses in shoes that they wore to work. Whereas people usually wear bathroom slippers or go barefoot to the bathroom.

What we mean to say is that your bathroom floor receives a lesser degree of abrasion as compared to the rest of the house. Therefore, the high abrasion resistance, more expensive tiles that you use elsewhere in the house are not ideal for the bathroom. Bathroom tiles usually have a lower PEI rating (resistance rating) as compared to tiles used in other parts of your house.

3.     Smaller Size

The size of the tiles that are used in bathrooms is smaller. If you use larger tiles for the bathroom, it will end up having one full tile in the middle with the same tile cut into smaller pieces near the edges of the floor. It is best if you use bathroom-specific, small-sized tiles for your bathroom. Using smaller tiles for the bathroom will also add to the visual appeal of your bathroom.

Considering the fact that the bathroom is wet most of the time, receives a comparatively lesser amount of traffic, and is small in size as compared to other rooms in a house, you should only use bathroom tiles for the bathroom to ensure its safety and visual appeal!