Can I Get Tiling Done On My Front Porch Or In My Backyard?

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If you have plenty of open space in your backyard or the front porch, you don’t want to let it go to waste. When the sun is shining, and the weather is cool, you can relax outside your house, sprawled out on a lawn chair or a sofa with a good book and some peach iced tea. Don’t spend your summer holidays among the dirt - tile the area outside your house for a chic and comfortable relaxing space.

Can You Get Your Backyard Tiled?

The simple answer is yes, you can get the space outside your house tiled, but the tiling used for this space is not the same as the one inside your house. Here are some reasons why outdoor tiles are different from those inside your house and the key qualities they should have:

They need to be Resilient

Outdoor tiles need to be more resilient to weather conditions and the type of use they are meant for. The tiles should not be easily impacted by the weather because if they contract and expand in different seasons, they’ll break very easily.

Not only do they need to be strong enough to resist colour-fading under the sun, they also need to be sturdy enough to withstand rough use – for instance, if you’ve installed a basketball hoop or intend to play some other sports, but the tiles also shouldn’t break easily.

They Need to Blend in with the Exterior of the Your House

Your outdoor tiling needs to reflect the overall landscaping around your house. The material, colour, and finish of the tiles should be similar to the house and area around it.

They need to be Slip-Resistant

Apart from the actual surface of the tile, the humidity outside may cause moisture to sediment on the tiles causing you to slip and injure yourself. Outdoor tiles need to provide a steady grip, whether you’re wearing shoes or roaming around barefoot. Your contractor will advise you on the best materials to prevent injuries.

Common Outdoor Tile Choices

The tiles you select for your backyard or porch not only need to be safe for outdoor use, but they should also match your outdoor furniture selection. Here are some popular choices for outdoor tiling:

  • Ceramic tiles that are found in a range of colour choices and are best in patios that are not meant for rough use (ideal for a sunbathing space, etc.)
  • Slate for a rocky appearance and a very durable, weather-resistant option – this is also ideal around swimming pools
  • Limestone – this is a relatively less expensive choice, but it is prone to scratches.

Depending on the type of use you need the outdoor tiles for, the demographics of your family (energetic, young children, or elderly, retired couples, etc.), your contractor will advise you on the best material choice. Make sure to mention your budget to find an option within your price range.

Reach out to BK Tiling to get started on tiling your backyard (or porch), just in time for summer fun.