All the Things that Could Go Wrong with DIY Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom Tiling

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Newbie homeowners might find the idea of DIY bathroom tiling fascinating and why wouldn’t they? It doesn’t seem too challenging and can actually be fun, right? Well, only if you’re an expert.

Bathrooms are super exciting to renovate but any mistake in tiling can wreak havoc on the architecture. Here are all the reasons why you should never attempt this step on your own:

1.    Cracking the Tile

Cutting bathroom tiles can get a little technical. You’ll need to buy the proper equipment such as a wet saw that doesn’t have an abrasive blade. Then you’ll have to make sure that you measure the tile properly, mark it, and figure out how to use the saw.

This is when it gets tough. Most people use too much pressure on the hard tile and forget to hold it while sawing. The blade can easily crack the tile which means that you would have wasted time and money in the process, not to forget that buying the proper equipment can also drive up your budget.

2.    Laying the Tile Out Incorrectly

Modern architecture has hyped laying tiles out diagonally so much that everyone wants to try it. We’ll admit it- the pattern created looks beautiful. However, laying the tile out requires special planning that most forget to do.

The method of laying the tiles out when they are diamond-shaped and not square requires you to centre the tiles, line the corners up precisely with a single layout line, and then build the design. Even the slightest measurement fault will cause an obvious, uneven appearance.

3.    Tiling Won’t Stick

DIY bathroom tiling is so exciting that most people forget to clean the surface they want to put the tile on before starting their work. The slightest grease, dirt, or fingerprints will cause the adhesive to not stick to the wall, leaving you with lots of pieces of expensive tiling that you can’t use.

Cleaning the walls is also super important. Walls tend to have a lot of build-up and stains so you will need to use a paint deglosser or abrasive pad to prep them.

4.    Buying the Wrong Supplies

You might have left-over tiles from the last time you decorated your house so why buy new tiles for the bathroom, right? No, that was a trick question. You must always use special tiles that are meant for the bathroom. Confused? Read this.

If you buy the wrong kind of caulk, you’ll find mould and mildew growing very fast. Moreover, there are so many different kinds of tiles in the market that without some expert opinion, you might buy the wrong material or the wrong colour only to regret it later.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

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